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Lee Hall College of Architecture by Thomas Phifer and Partners

Double-height studios bring art and architecture students together in the new college of architecture at Clemson University, South Carolina, by New York office Thomas Phifer and Partners (+ slideshow). (more…)

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Guillermo Del Toro on Pacific Rim: We built several blocks of Hong Kong to destroy, and then we destroyed them!

Every time we see a new glimpse of Guillermo del Toro’s monsters-vs-robots movie Pacific Rim, we get more and more thrilled and astonished. Del Toro just came to Wondercon and showed us a special trailer for his film – including the birth of the Jaegers. And he gave us an update on his Justice League Dark movie!

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The World’s Most Expensive Shoes: At Least It’s For A Good Cause

We’ve found that when you’re trying to make the world’s most expensive anything, your best bet is to slather it in precious, precious diamonds. Kathryn Wilson, who is apparently aware of this fact, did exactly that when commissioned to make a custom pair of kicks for a Ronald McDonald House charity auction. Are these sparkly heels stylish? Hard to say. The facts, however, are fascinating.

Auctioned in New Zealand for the equivalent of $418,450, the shoes required a full-scale security contingent to keep the 21.18 carats of diamonds safe. It took Wilson 50 over hours to make the shoes by hand, often staying up into the wee hours of the night, her eyes squinting over her delicate work.

So, you’re totally grabbing a pair for your next night out, right? We mean, they are a great way to dress up a business-casual outfit for after-work drinks. May we also recommend a bodysuit made of molten gold, several assistants fanning you with palm fronds, and perhaps a festive 24-carat grill? (The Daily Mail)

Photos: Via The Daily Mail/Courtesy of Hot Spot Media.

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Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Jellyfish That Came from Space

What on Earth is that jellyfish doing out there in space, a regular cnidaria out of water? Is it a B-movie monster? A tentacle-waving spaceship? A hyper-intelligent creature come to change our ideas about life on other planets? Share you story of this space-faring creature.

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Grammy-winning producer Phil Ramone dies

Phil Ramone, the Grammy Award-winning engineer and producer whose platinum touch included recordings with Ray Charles, Billy Joel and Paul Simon, has died at 72.

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ANIMAL New York Zooms in on New York City Skateboard Decks

A board tells a unique story. Skateboarders often deny the importance of a good graphic, but, as an aesthetically discerning group by nature, the marks of a board tend to undermine this. ANIMAL New York has an interesting photo essay – the latest in its “Zoom In” series – on the skateboard decks of local New York skaters, taken at the transition-heavy Chelsea Skatepark. The ultimate result is a collage of marks, indentations, and flatspots that each reveals unique personalities. From SHUT to Chapman, the photo set also creates a nice summary of skateboarding’s heritage.

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A Look Inside the Peas & Carrots International Pop-Up Shop in NYC

Peas & Carrots International recently opened a pop-up shop at The Good Company in New York’s Lower East Side. The pop-up, which wrapped up this week, featured several limited-edition designs from collaborations with Puma, Mass Appeal, Fool’s Gold, and more. Anwar Carrots, creative director of the label, linked up with Mass Appeal to bring viewers a walkthrough via a short video clip. In addition to highlighting some of the pieces, Anwar touches on how the shop came to be and the feeling of owning one’s own brand.


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