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she is stunning



Tumblr Artist

Damian Daly | on Tumblr (UK)

Enchanting, unnerving and exquisite, Damian Daly’s art is a constant source of intrigue. Inspired by a wide range of influences, from memories and his subconscious to sci-fi and comic books, Daly’s imagination is captivating. Having nothing but a vague theme in mind before he begins each image, the resulting drawings always retain an element of fantasy through the mysticism that they emit. The beauty behind Daly’s art is how it inspires viewer participation. The detailed layers of narrative mean that the audience are on a continuous journey of discovery, constantly able to unearth new elements and points of intrigue. Combining a total freedom of expression with incredible technical ability Daly’s drawings will transport you to another realm.

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Nudie Jeans

Urban-scapes (by Yiu Yu Hoi)

We are the “underdogs” this [IS] our identity. We are the people who can’t live without art, but can’t live off of art. We aren’t established artists. We have jobs because we need money. This space is for those people.

Collective Space pre-manifesto (via meetinghaus)