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Camper Bike: A Pedal-Powered RV For One

The pedal powered camper was constructed in April 2008 and is built for one. Attached to a burly tricycle frame made to haul goods, the cab-over easily sits on the back platform. Like a turtle shell this camper goes anywhere the owner can bike it. The camper’s



Mehrzeller is a Customizable Multicellular Mobile Home in Austria

While some of our readers may prefer a more rustic touch, many modern greenies don’t want to sacrifice style and comfort for their environmental sensibilities. In which case, the Mehrzeller is right up their alley. Resembling a network of cells on wheels,




Curator’s Monday 128

Guy Billout (b.1941, France)

Guy Billout is a French artist and illustrator. He finished his art training in the French city of Beaune. Afterwards he worked in advertising for a few years before moving to New York City in 1969. It was there he found success when he was published in New York Magazine. Billout’s aesthetic style is clean and spare, sometimes incorporating some ironic element. His work has been featured in several notable magazines and renowned books. Our sincere thanks to AnaBloom for this Curator’s Monday.

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Turning An Entire Rio Favela Into A Giant Work Of Brightly Painted Art

As Brazil readies itself for a momentary influx of 2014 World Cup visitors, a pair of Dutch artists are readying a hometown team of favela painters for the long–haul. And they’ve turned to Kickstarter to make it happen, with over 1,000 backers amassed to date.

Nearly seven years ago, creative partners Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn traveled from their home base in Amsterdam to the infamous favelas of Rio de Janeiro to shoot a film on the burgeoning hip–hop movement in the city. Originally constructed by Brazilian soldiers without any other place to live after their military service in the late–19th century, the favelas came to be defined by violence, drugs, and extreme poverty. These are not quaint shantytowns: A recent United Nations estimate puts the favela population at more than 12 million people––6% of Brazil’s total population.

Upon arrival in Rio, Haas & Hahn, as they’ve come to be known, encountered a group of rappers struggling to get their messages out. "They were asking the world to look at them and the favelas in a different way, but no one was listening to them," explains Urhahn. "As we sat there, looking at the rolling hills of houses, we wondered, why not use the strong social coherence that exists in the slums and channel the extreme creativity of people?"

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The Internet Is Ruining Everything, But Especially Freelance Writing

"People who would consider it a bizarre breach of conduct to expect anyone to give them a haircut or a can of soda at no cost will ask you, with a straight face and a clear conscience, whether you wouldn’t be willing to write an essay or draw an illustration for them for nothing."…

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Check Out Clint Dempsey’s First Goal With Sounders FC

Clint Dempsey notched his first goal with Seattle Sounders FC by finishing Lamar Neagle’s cross with a deft tap from the outside of his right foot. It was Dempsey’s first MLS goal since 2006, back in his days with the New England Revolution. Deuce’s simple finish gave his side a 1-0 lead.

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A Work in progress…


Collages by Patrick Bremer

THEMpeople – BossaDova

It wouldn’t do BossaDova justice to call it a beat tape. It’s a quick project of complex production; fast donuts to make the room smokey and free. Tracks with names like “Smoke Break,” “Xanny,” and “Havoc & Prodigy.” The Chicago production crew THEMpeople dropped the BossaDova instrumental project about a month ago. I only caught […]

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