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Lanvin F/W 2011 

Karmen pedaru?

new sound.


My RVA: On A Rooftop

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Lanvin F/W 2011 


Artist on Tumblr

Mandy Rosen | on Tumblr (b.1989, USA)

Mandy Rosen is a young photographer currently living in Southern California. Mandy started doing landscape and photojournalism 5 years ago before getting seriously into conceptual and fine art portraiture and self-portraiture: “Photography is a way for me to escape reality into an ethereal realm; where I can defy gravity, walk on water, play a different character, and make dreams come true. Anything I imagine I can create. Music, film, and personal life experiences serve as inspiration for my work. Desolation, isolation, loneliness, pain, self-discovery, childhood nostalgia, and the pursuit of happiness are some of the common themes found in my photos.”

© All images courtesy the artist

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Alek Wek. South Sudanese super model and missionary for World Vision. First African model to appear on Elle and often took on the role as the bride in Larcroix’s shows

Ajak Deng. South Sudanese-Austrailian model. Campaigns for Louis Vuitton and Kate Spade.



Costume National

Xiaoo you cutie


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