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There Were So Many Goals In Today’s Everton-Chelsea Match

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Empathy versus compassion

On the Boston Review, Paul Bloom has a provocative article titled “Against Empathy.” It’s not advocating an uncompassionate approach to life, and in fact central to his thesis is that there is a distinction between empathy, which he says can limit and exhaust us, and compassion, which he points out is more sustainable. There’s one […]

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75% Of Ikea’s Catalog Is Computer Generated Imagery

You could have fooled us. Wait, actually, you did.

The best special effects are often the ones you never notice--which may make Ikea the most skillful special effects studio in the world. The Swedish furniture company has been aggressively ramping up its use of computer generated imagery in their catalogs. Ikea's first CG photo was a Bertil pinewood chair in 2006. By 2012, the Wall Street Journal reported that 25% of their products were CG. Today, that figure has ballooned to 75%.

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What To Do In The D.C. Area Before Summer Ends

What To Do In The D.C. Area Before Summer Ends Picnic! Swim! Drink! [ more › ]

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An Impressive Compilation of Scammers who regularly hit the District

Photo by PoPville flickr user Raymond Bryson Gotta give props to textdoc for compiling this list when we spoke about the guy who was asking for money so he could get to the hospital. If you’re bored and still stuck at work this list is way too impressive to leave buried in the comments of […]

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Overheard in D.C.: Hit the Nail On The Head

Overheard in D.C.: Hit the Nail On The Head Sometimes tourists come to town and do all manner of stupid things: stand in front of Metro doors, think the Mall is a shopping mall, and so on. But sometimes they are completely accurate in their naivete. [ more › ]

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